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Here is a glimpse at the guest speaker lineup from past lectures, I’ll be posting a lot more on this subject, but in brief some points worth noting:

  • Functional Medicine University invites speakers of many different opinions, unlike most other places these days who tend to invite only their friends or like minded colleagues. So you will find discussions and protocols here from different camps, for example:
  1. Hormones – both the bioidentical protocols alongside herbal protocols that entirely avoid the need for bioidenticals.
  2. And contributions from two opposite ends of the thyroid debate in Dr. Izabella Wentz and Dr. David Brownstein.
  • The standards of lectures here are much higher than the online summits.
  • These lectures are archived so you can dip into them any time and you will have ongoing access to all future lectures once a student of FMU without any further fees.
  • Guest lectures are optional and not a requirement for CFMP accreditation, some of them count towards other optional CEUs.

 Guest Speakers and Extra Lectures

  • The Triad of Gut Destruction-Cheryl Burdette, N.D.
  • The Gut-Brain Connection: Exploring the Vital Role of the Gut in Optimal Brain Function-Dr.
    Court Vreeland
  • Autoimmunity and the Gut: A detailed examination of various triggers to immune system
    dysfunction and the development of autoimmunity-Jill Carnahan M.D
  • Physiology of the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue, Enteric Nervous System and Mucosal
    Barrier- Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N, MS
  • Clostridia Species as a Major Factor in Mental and Gastrointestinal Health-William Shaw PhD
    Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) (Part 1)- Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP
  • Advanced Stool Diagnostics: GI Effects and the Evolution of Gut Health Assessment-Christine
    Stubbe, ND
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) (Part 2)-Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP
  • The Causes and Diverse Clinical Presentations of Gluten Related Disorders-Tom Alexander
  • Gluten Certification-Dr. Peter Osborne [there are also many lectures by speakers who eat gluten, the whole gamut of opinion on this subject including testing]
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) (Part 3) Allison Siebecker, ND, MSOM, Lac
  • Breast Cancer: Integrative Management Strategies-Lise Alschuler N.D.
  • Uncover the Splinters in Autoimmunity-Michelle Corey C.N.W.C.
  • Functional Tests for Immune Tolerance: LRA by ELISA/ACT- Dr. Russell Jaffe M.D
  • Food Immune Reactivity and Autoimmunity-Dr. Aristo Vojdani
  • Becoming Immune to Cancer: Winning with Integrative Solutions for Prevention and Survival Jay
    Mead M.D.
  • Shifting the Paradigm of Depression: Psychoneuroimmunology-Kelly Brogan M.D.
  • Cancer Survivorship-Lise Alschuler N.D. & Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO
  • Creating Health — The Most Effective Treatment for Chronic Disease-Terry Wahls M.D.
  • Understanding Methylation: The Roadmap to Wellness “How the Perfect Storm of Methylation
    Defects, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Predisposes You to Chronic Medical & Psychiatric
    Disorders”-Dr Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D.
  • MTHFR and Genetic Testing-Benjamin Lynch, ND
  • Neurotransmitter Primer-Lylen Ferris N.D.
  • Inflammation and Oxidative Stress; Major Players in Clinical Conditions-Dr. Gottfried
  • Clinician’s Guide to Mitochondrial Medicine-Jon Kaiser M.D.
  • Demystifying chronic illness: Allostatic load as a unified model of chronic illness-Dr. Jeff Moss
  • Diabetes –Jack Wolfson D.O.
  • Depression: “Probably Not What You Think It Is”-Dr Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D
  • Osteoporosis: Etiology, Diagnosis, and the Use of Biomarkers to Design Therapeutic Protocol – Keith
    McCormick D.C., C.C.S.P
  • Hypertension- Finding the cause and the natural cure-Jack Wolfson DO, FACC
  • The Irregular Heart Beat: The Cause and the Cure-Jack Wolfson DO, FACC
  • Cardiovascular Disease (3 Cases)-Ronald Grisanti D.C.,D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N, MS
  • New Perspectives on Clinical Exercise (What Works)-Rick Bramos
  • Depression – An Inflammatory Condition-Dr. Court Vreeland
  • Migraines: The Heart of the Matter-Jack Wolfson D.O., FACC
  • Unraveling Migraines: The Functional Medicine Approach-Yousef Elyaman, MD, IFMCP
  • Quantifying the Anti-inflammatory Diet: A nutrient-based model-Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
  • Alzheimer’s disease: The Aging Brain-Court Vreeland D.C., D.A.C.B.N.
  • Estrogen Metabolism and Breast Cancer: The Role of Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, Stress, Lack of
    Essential Nutrients, and Exposure to Environmental Toxins-David Zava, PhD
  • Mercurialism: Finding & Eliminating the Hidden Beast-Bruce Dooley M.D.
  • Toxic Mold- Part 1-Dennis G. Hooper, M.D. & Shalini A Muralidhar, Ph.D.
  • Toxic Mold- Part 2-Joseph Brewer M.D.
  • Demystifying Detoxification-Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN
  • Pyrrole Disorders – Dr. Mensa
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Environmental Toxicity: Clinical Pearls-Jill C. Carnahan, MD
  • “Adrenal Stress Hormone Testing: Effective Ways to Support Your Patients’ Health”-Dr. Carrie
  • Moodiness, Madness or Menopause?-Dr. Lylen Ferris
  • Eliminate Menstrual Complaints: Supporting Healthy Ovulation-Ronda Nelson PhD
  • PCOS: The Art and Science of Management-Dr. Dian Ginsberg
  • Adrenal Treatment Protocol-Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., MS
  • Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient-David Brownstein M.D.
  • 3 Scientifically Validated Steps to Naturally Restore Testosterone in Men-Dr. Kyl Smith
  • Exposing the Effects of Modern Stress: Nutritional Strategies to Optimize the HPA Axis – Dr.Corey
  • Thyroid Webinar-David Brownstein M.D.
  • EFT Tapping: Resolving the Emotional Aspects of Pain-Dr. Craig Weiner D.C.
  • Pharmacogenetics -The Prescription Medication Puzzle-Valerie Ferdinand, N.D

*Guest Lectures are ongoing all the time at Functional Medicine University and this list keeps getting expanded upon, but all lectures are available in the student archive and students also get the transcripts, as well as video, audio, and powerpoint slides.

Sample Presentations: are available the week before enrollment

Updated Sample Videos Open for Fall Enrollment 2018:

Dr. Robert Silverman on recovering the brain after concussion and injury [possibly the best lecture on brain recovery in this space at the moment, check out his long list of things that increase BDNF of which the ketone BHB is just one, i.e. there’s life outside ketosis 😉 As well as his practical tips on physical things to reduce brain inflammation and stimulate the Vagus nerve.

Dr. Mary Kay Ross sharing the Bredesen Protocol for reversing cognitive decline

Access these videos during enrollment week and some extra details on them here: Fall Enrollment Sample Guest Lecture Videos

Previously open during enrollment week

#1 Lyme Disease

Here was a video lecture on Lyme by Rachel Fresco of Bio-Botanicals, other lectures on Lyme at FMU include speakers such as Bradley Bush, and Ron Grisanti who studied Lyme with Richard Horowitz. This video is available to you to watch for free till the end of the enrollment period.

Lyme Disease Video Presentation <—public viewing expired, check back for new lecture in July.

In this presentation we will cover Lyme and co-infections, as well as biofilms, dysbiosis and endotoxins that are present in many chronic conditions.

Using diet, nutritional medicine and botanical medicine we can help patients move toward recovery and reclaiming their lives.

Abstract: Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions, and in a functional medicine
we can use a variety of integrative approaches to address Lyme and other infections.

Learning Objectives for Participants:

  • Review of clinical manifestations of Lyme disease and co-infections
  • Review of laboratory testing options and integrative treatments in Lyme
  • Understand the pleomorphic forms of lyme, and recent research on how botanicals are effective in different stages of Lyme
  • Understand the role of diet and specific nutritional interventions

*Rachel Fresco developed Biocidin, which is a combination of herbs now being used to treat Lyme and other infectins. Not to be confused with the product of the same name in the Biocare range.

#2 Thyroid

Izabella Wentz and David Brownstein both deal with the thyroid in different ways when it comes to iodine, both these speakers have lectures at Functional Medicine University so you get both sides of the iodine debate as part of your full education.

Dr. Wentz’s video presentation was available for free viewing for the week before Winter enrollment:

Getting to the root cause of Hashimoto’s, by Dr. Izabella Wentz.

Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm.D., FASCP

Learning Objectives:
1.Recognize the top cause of hypothyroidism
2.Recognize the impact of environmental triggers on autoimmune thyroid disease
3.Recognize the value of nutrition in Hashimoto’s
4.Recognize common nutrient deficiencies in Hashimoto’s
5.Recognize top functional medicine and complementary treatments for Hashimoto’s

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Free presentations viewing in the pre-Spring term enrollment included Rache Fresco’s latest Biocidin lecture on GI protocols and Systemic Infections, and Tom O’Bryan on gluten, he also gave a free pass to his Betrayal Autoimmune docuseries for practitioners and their patient.s
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