Health Summits June-July 2019

health summits june-july 2019

Summits are a marketing group usually the speakers reflect all the same opinion as the person or platform hosting the event. So they are not a full rounded education nor are all your options on display.

Also marketing groups will have upsells and downsells and pressure sells, and over the years I’ve heard many patients say they did not get value for money or help, in fact they were left confused with the summits and fleeced. There is an open letter to all conscious health care practitioners Dec 19th 2018 available on Elephant Journal by an Evan Alden, outlining her bad experience which practitioners must be aware of as afterall this is the health niche and people should come first. I personally watched Evan Alden attend the summits and be let down time and time again in her efforts to get help even employing many of the speakers. No self-patting on the back at all here with these summits as it’s a story I’ve heard many times often from desperately ill people living below the poverty line.

Should you attend any event please be aware that there are many other opinions and treatment options within the integrative, functional, natural healing and alternative worlds – mostly not presented at these summits.

That said, for anyone interested in attending the events here are the links, but personally a good education and original sources served me better particularly the old schools of healing vs modern fads.

The DIY Detox Summit June 3rd -9th

[compare this with Master Herbalist Protocols, which I find safer and better, also I strongly advise against keto which has appeared on the speaker list this year, see the U turn Tom O’Bryan just did on this, many things to consider before putting someone on keto usually never considered at these summits and I’ve heard many testimonies from damaged people with keto]

Anti-Cancer Revolution June 17th-23rd

This is another David Jockers keto event, so nothing new here – except note that all anti-cancer events prior to the recent heavy financial investment in keto were actually juicing, nutrition and detox – see Gerson Therapy, that is the therapy I did myself. You’ll also see the health niche now divided since Ty Bollinger TTAC invested in keto to include keto in cancer where it was never featured before but other speakers are very against keto – so look to the history and big picture as always with these things, not just marketing and positioning with summit events.

The Viral and Retroviral Summit, Jay Davidson’s latest baby, he found a ‘new’ topic but notice all the same speakers again so all the same info. Personally I’ve a strong academic background and there’s just no way all the same speakers can turn up for every topic outside of a marketing environment – I’d dearly like to see the real experts interviewed 😉

Three others airing

Remedy herbs, aired last year, I commented there that it omitted western herbalism and the eastern herbalists said they had nothing for female hormone issues and PCOS, Endo but you’ll see at FMU a western herbalist Master Herbalist show herbs do indeed fix these conditions. And those same protocols are available either through the doctor route or straight from the School of Natural Healing, Dr Christopher original sources.

Kick Sugar Summit – keto based, like most summits this year

EMF Summit – we’ve had this already before xmas, it was very disappointing in terms of solutions, massive upsell to get the host’s actual detox – however I’ve detoxed and overcome EMF sensitivity myself and from talking to others who have also done that there is one common denominator -there’s no magic bullet with ’emf’ detox, it’s the same as all the others – when a person takes care of their health with nutrition and detox they generally become less sensitive to emfs – and choose your path with that, my personal path is the Master Herbalist detox combined with coffee enemas, wheatgrass and an organic junk free lifestyle. An fmed education shows you other routes. The summits though can be watered down on the protocols they provide and at times start in the wrong place eg they often start with a metal detox however you should never start with metals, and there is now advice not to do provocation challenges, and do not do a liver flush – also there are a lot of precautions around keto and water fasting and intermittent fasting NOT being discussed at the summits.

*All opinions are my own and not those of FMU, also notice I’m not here to make commissions and sales off you, but give an honest opinion from a broad experience in healing and health protocols.

Urgent 2019 – the real EMF story –

These summits keep people tuned into prerecorded talks 20-40 hours a week every week yet there is an urgent scientist appeal the top scientists from the top universities in the world to stop 5G, to stop Elon Musk launching the 20,000 satellites into our ionosphere for blanket coverage broadband over the earth mandatory exposure 24/7 at new higher levels. For the research on all this I currently run some science based FaceBook groups Smarter EMF and Stop 5G Science & Education

If you want original sources and science on EMF,,,,, and much more

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