Looking Under the Hood | A Letter From Dr Ron Grisanti to Practitioners

Experienced clinician and Director of Functional Medicine University, Dr Ron Grisanti sums up the all too familiar situation both practitioners and patients face in the current healthcare model where seemingly the healthiest patients suddenly die or get struck down with stroke or seriously ill – and how there’s another medical paradigm in functional medicine that knows how to look under the surface to see what’s really going on with a person’s health so no big surprises ‘out of the blue’. Though he is addressing specifically chiropractors here, it applies equally to all other health professionals and practitioners

Dr. Ron Grisanti’s Letter:


You don’t know it yet, but by the time you finish reading this you will have learned something that will help you achieve
a level of personal and professional success most of your colleagues will never ever obtain.

Allow yourself for a moment to imagine the following real life stories and put yourself in these doctors shoes:

Case #1
Approximately six months ago on a late Friday afternoon Dr. Vincent was
adjusting his last patient for the day. It was good day and day he
planned to celebrate with his wife Susan. You see, Dr. Vincent
broke a patient visit record. On that Friday, he was excited to
find out that he adjusted 77 patients. However, as Dr. Vincent was
getting ready to shutdown for the evening, in walks Paul.
Paul happened to be one of Dr. Vincent’s star patients.

You know, the dream patient.. never misses an appointment, refers
gobs of patients and is passionate about seeking wellness. He had
all the faith in the world that Dr. Vincent was the wellness guru
of his home town.

The next 90 minutes was to be a turning point in the paradigm of
Dr. Vincent’s practice.

You see, Paul had some bad news and bad news it was. He told Dr.
Vincent with a quiver in his voice that he was just diagnosed with
cancer of the prostate and he did not know what to do. He wanted
his wellness mentor, Dr. Vincent, to give him guidance on what
action steps he should take. Paul died three months later.

Case #2
Dr. Edwards was a focused and disciplined chiropractor. He claimed
to have the Midas Touch and was able to “close” most patients into
buying $2000.00 case plans. He was recognized by his chiropractic
consultant as one of top producers generating over $80,000 a
month. By all standards, Dr. Edwards was a success but on April 17
of 2007, Dr. Edwards received a phone call from the wife of his
patient, Sam. The news was bad. Sam was just rushed to the hospital
after collapsing at work and was found to have had a stroke.

What was interesting was the fact that Sam just completed his
chiropractic plan he paid over $2000.00 for and was awarded by Dr.
Edwards and his staff a special plaque for the top wellness patient
of the month. At the young age of 38 Sam’s stroke left him
paralyzed on the left upper and lower extremity with a severe
speech impediment.

What is my point in sharing these two stories with you?

The point is clear and that is what would “YOU” have done if you
were in these doctors shoes?

Is this the way you practice?

Do you focus on practice statistics or clinical outcomes?

You do want “real” success, don’t you?

Now if you think these are isolated cases, think again.

I can tell you from my 38 years of practice that “you” have a ton
of patients suffering with hidden un-recognized health challenges.

By the “untrained” eye, many of these patients will succumb to
these life threatening diseases.

Let’s be honest, what do you have in your “arsenal of clinical
tools” to help patients with:

High Blood Pressure
Thyroid Issues
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Prostate Disease
Weight Issues

If you are satisfied being a chiropractic technician than we have nothing to offer you.

On the other hand, if you desire to be the “doctor” of chiropractic or naturopathic medicine than you owe it to yourself learn everything you can about functional medicine.

Now if you think I am being bias, then I am going to admit, I am!

If you had a chance to read my clinical rounds and success
strategies, you know that I am passionate about what I do.

I sincerely love helping people improve their health and I must
admit adding functional medicine to my chiropractic practice has
been a dream come true.

You have to believe me from the bottom of my heart that I want “you”
and every health professional reading this e-mail to experience the
deep satisfaction of seeing patients with life threatening health
conditions get well.

The adding of functional medicine WILL set your practice
apart from your colleagues and change your life and the lives of
your patients’ for years to come.

Can you see how this can change your life and the lives of your

Now listen closely to what I am about to say:

Functional Medicine does NOT replace the beauty of the art of
chiropractic but instead enhances your services to the “nth degree”.

It will add a new and unique dimension to your practice which creates
a “real bridge” between you and the growing population of discerning
health consumers.

Please don’t hesitate but join us in learning something that will
have a profound impact on your practice and the health of your most
precious asset and that is your patients.

If you have not read the details on our training program, please
take a few minutes and go right now to check it out.

I have enjoyed sharing my love for practice and the helping of
patients in my 38 years and I want to pass this knowledge on to you.

Please take care..


You can check out the Functional Medicine University CFMP training program and winter enrollment here 

But Functional Medicine is not ‘One Voice’

One thing I would add, having been exposed to ‘Functional Medicine’ a decade, is that it is not ‘one thing’. There are many voices, and with time people can drift this way or that, trends can dominate, fads can emerge with ever more internet resources to push them. No platform is immune. The strength of FMU used to be it’s guest speaker platform, a range of voices but recently the same voices began to dominate, some of them needed to be challenged and it’s not unique to FMU these same speakers are the big names doing all the platforms eg Tom O’Bryan on gluten while quoting Alessio Fasano going directly against him to undermine him with what Fasano calls ‘extremism quoting him out of context for whatever reason’, and the same is happening with keto, covid and long covid to the point we now have a new trainer emerging whose tagline is ‘Most of functional medicine is watered down science and regurgitated half truths’, he lectures on biochemistry, but would we know how accurate he is without a biochemistry background?! I have initially a chemistry background, and applied maths, going into research at PhD inother areas then health…I make a point of objecting to those dangerous half truths, however much the boat gets rocked and it is up to you as students getting continuing education on the various platforms to demand, as I have, that the half truths are weeded out and real expertise delivered in the name of education, not cliques and celebrity doctorpreneurs.


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