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Do You Want to Pay $16k or $2k for the same Functional Medicine Accreditation?

  • This full functional medicine training which costs $16,000 elsewhere can be got for $2395 for non-physicians and students or $2695 for physicians at Functional Medicine University
  • There are 6 month and 12 month payment plans available too, so starting at $228 for 12 monthly payments.

next enrollment for the cfmp at fmu

functional medicine cfmp course fees

  • There is also a money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied within 30 days then you can ask for a refund.
  • This CFMP has certain continuing education credits at certain institutions which means while the education is available to all, the certification requires in some cases an advanced post grad certificate in a health area or similar and only those whose prior qualifications allow them order labs will be able to order labs. If you are a health or non-licensed professional and need a course that gives access to labs there are others that train people up from scratch in varying timeframes, such as the FDN
    or CNM

The $250 Cashback Voucher

Click the voucher below when you are ready to enroll with FMU during enrollment week only, the cashback link only comes live during the enrollment period. Outside of enrollment period this link will not cookie you in to the cashback, you will know enrollment has not yet opened if the ‘click to book your seat message’ is still up and there is no need to prebook nor to pay a non-refundable deposit, enrollment will run all week. This voucher is exclusive to me at if you have any issues tell them it’s Mary’s voucher from this site

*It is approximately 10% off your tuition fees, depending on your payment plan.

** Note: everyone who signs up with my link will get the $250 cashback when they stay with the training:

  1. Those who pay one payment in full get the $250 after the first 30 days trial, once FMU confirms they have decided to stay with the course
  2. Those who use the payment plans will get paid at the completion of your payment plan whether that is the 6 months or 12 month plan respectively
  3. [Students vary greatly in the time they take to complete payments and course so please let me know when you are completed your payments cycle and make sure this email address is not in your spam folder]

When you enroll using the voucher from this website FMU Sequoia payments will inform me you used my link and I will send you a confirmation email, however if you think you’ve used the voucher and have not heard a confirmation from me then please email me at this address inside the enrollment period:

And if you are talking to them and ask them to use the voucher please bear in mind it is exclusive to this site, mention it is Mary’s voucher if they are scratching their heads wondering what you are talking about and it will click. [!]

*Note: For the discount you MUST use my affiliate link, otherwise it is not tracked back to me and I cannot pay you. FMU have a very tight cookie to their registration cart which works during enrollment week only and are very strict about that. If you prebook outside of enrollment then unfortunately that is not tracked to me at all.

**It has come to my attention recently that some people click my link and sign in to a prebooked seat with a non-refundable deposit of $150 before enrollment, there is no need to prebook the course seat before enrollment opens- you get 30 days to trial the course from enrollment with a full refund if you decide it’s not for you, so there is no need for a deposit especially a non-refundable one! If you try to use my link before they open at 3pm then it may also go to their prebook page, it’s best to wait till they are open and get cookied into your $250 cashback via my link.

**If you’d like to leave your email and be informed of upcoming enrollment then email me

Please note all payments are to FMU on their site via their secure cart, I will refund you via paypal after the 30 day trial period when it is confirmed you are staying as a student and when FMU have finalized payments.

This voucher is live for one week only, during enrollment week 4 times a year, with each season Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Enrollment  – Spring 2021 is April 19th-26th, July 19th 2021 etc.

**When enrollment is live it will not go to a pre-book your seat page it will go direct to registration.

*Because of the 30 day money back period, the $250 refund will be paid after committing to the course, so within a 30-60 day period.

*You can email me to check you’ve used my link and are expecting the $250

All FMU tuition fees are made on their secure site, I will refund you the $250 to your paypal address or method that suits you, after the 30 day trial period is over and you’ve signed up for the full course. Email me to check you’ve used the link during enrollment if you don’t hear from me, and again when you are completing your last payment on the course fees.


  1. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me as an actual student at FMU then feel free to either leave a comment below or email me at
  2. If you have detailed questions for FMU then contact the help desk directly,

FMU support can be contacted directly at:

Phone: 1-877-328-4035

You can read more about the FMU Spring Enrollment here or explore the Functional Medicine University site here, phone them, email them, ask all the things you need to know about the course, the labs, the accreditation, but to qualify for the $250 cashback on your tuition fees must come back to this site and register through this voucher link during enrollment period. If you click to book your seat in advance and pay the fee you will not be registered with this link, that is how their cookie crumbles [!] it must be during enrollment week when my link is live and I can give you the cashback. I will post more details on the upcoming FMU seasonal Enrollments as they come live, on the events page.

fmu enrollment




2 thoughts on “Payment Plans”

    1. Hi Sara,

      The Functional Medicine University training course is the full CFMP Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner course, next enrollment is July 23rd 2018. The syllabus is here the videos, transcripts, pdfs are all available for download in your student area. There is a 30 day trial period after enrollment where the first 3 core modules get unlocked as well as a module on how to implement a functional medicine practice into your own practice. If you decide to stay then all the other modules get unlocked. It’s worth signing up to check out the material for yourself and because there is a money back opportunity, and payment plans which mean no big outlay the first month anyway, you’ve nothing to lose. It’s all online, and access is 24/7, membership after enrollment is free for life to all upcoming guest lectures and trainings!

      And it has some optional extras such as extra modules for certification in nutrition, continuous education credits, student forums where you can ask questions even after you’ve finished the course, and an ongoing guest speaker schedule with different modalities and treatment options presented all the time. This week we had a lecture on thyroid adrenals, last week it was clearing estrogen out of the body properly/detox. We’ve had many on these subjects of course before, but each new speaker brings their own take on things and the latest updates, so we always learn something new. There is lifetime access as a member to FMU with the course and no time limit to doing the course.

      The certification in the US is post grad and aimed at practitioners and doctors of various types eg MD, DC, ND, etc., as the CFMP certification has some previous qualification requirements. However in the UK certain health coaches and nutritionists currently have it within their scope. And anyone is open to taking the course tuition and learning for their own benefit with or without certification. I’m doing that myself.

      The training is entirely online, and there are 4 enrollments in the year, one for each season. So the next one will be summer/July 23rd 2018. I offer approx 10% refund on the course fees through this website during enrollment week, as I’m both a student/member and affiliate of FMU. The fees are kept low so as to make the training accessible to as many people as possible and raise the standard of health care globally, getting to root cause of illness as opposed to managing it. For the $250 refund coupon check back here during enrollment week or I can email you closer to the date if you’d like that.

      Enrollment/Registration is open for a week. And during that week two lectures will be made available for you to view for free as a sample. The guest speakers are often those you might see at the online summits but they present at a higher standard within a training environment like this and we can ask questions concerning application of the material presented. And Dr. Grisanti has found some amazing speakers and practitioners not ever heard at the summits.

      If you don’t have previous qualifications but would like to start a new career in this area then health coach training options are available, such as with FDN, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. That is a different training program with access to some more limited labs. A graduate you may recognize from FDN is Wendy Myers, who has a great understanding of detox though where they differ from FMU would certainly be in the range of options for detox and basically all areas. FMU promotes one of the safest detoxes out there for heavy metals, while so many others were promoting provocation challenges and risky aggravations FMU were promoting that of Chris Shade at Quicksilver scientific which is upregulation of glutathione and getting the body strong enough to detox, not provoke. Even if you took FDN you may at some point want to gather up the extra training at FMU for the broad education in different modalities and more advanced understanding in the science, but like I say, it depends on your needs, FDN will set someone up to start a career officially, FMU will enhance any career and take it up to the next level and make you CFMP certified if you’ve already got papers and qualifications.

      Your question is pretty broad, so if I haven’t answered it specifically to your needs or if something else is on your mind, then always feel free to ask more questions here or email me directly. You can also find more information on the FMU home site and speak to their support desk directly. But remember for the $250 refund on tuition fees you must use the coupon I’ll be providing during enrollment 🙂


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