The Dirty Genes Summit hosted by Dr. Ben Lynch

The Dirty Genes Summit

Encore Day Sunday Feb 4th

Dirty Genes summit hosted by Ben Lynch

 Some of my fave talks from days 4-7 include:

Day 5: Nicholas Pineault: EMFs and Our Health

This was an exceptional talk including some steps to help you take action immediately in your home. He described the level of radiation that is known to cause harm and then comparing that to what people get exposed to from their wifi router, or in hotels and conferences. It’s an eye opener regarding what’s happening in cities now and on top of apartment buildings, and also regarding children’s exposure and how far it penetrates their brains.

There is some positive news on how the body can recover with rest to some extent, and practical tips on using tinfoil even with smart meters in your own home – yet again alarming to hear about the pulsing nature of those and what shows up on a professional engineer’s meter as regards readings compared to those tiddler meters you may have at home.

On that note check out Michael Neuert of, who gave an amazing lecture at FMU on EMF and other electric fields in the home, and what can be done.

Some topics covered include:nicholas pineault emfs

  • Short history of wifi and how little we know
  • Power adaptors and dirty electricity
  • Melatonin studies
  • DNA beakage
  • Glutamae release caused by calcium channels, potentially addicting
  • Control what you can, and some valuable tips on that
  • Resources

Day 5: Paul Thomas, MD: Vaccinations Done Safely

Dr. Thomas is a pediatrician who was also a key speaker in The Truth About Vaccines docuseries. This interview condenses a lot of that down into one hour which is useful, of course transcripts are also available for those who want to purchase the summit package.

He really exposes things for what they are, shows people which vaccines are totally unnecessary and harmful, which ones they could do if they wanted and when is best to do them, while stating up front that the healthiest kids in his practice are those who never got vaccinated.

Some of the topics covered include:Paul Thomas vaccine friendly program

  • Autism and high risk kids
  • Hep B, HPV, Flu and other vaccines
  • Research bias
  • Informed consent and what to know before giving birth in a US hospital
  • Vaccine injuries and deaths unreported/unrecorded
  • 43% of US children have chronic disease
  • Vaccine friendly plan
  • Unvaccinated children
  • Proposals

**There is also a lecture on Day 3 of the Dirty Genes Summit on Autism by Dr. Jared Skowron on ADHD, Autism and Hope.

***There is a series of lectures on Autism by Court Vreeland, at FMU that go way deeper than what can be covered in an hour at a summit. Dr. Vreeland has also specialised in Functional Neurology. Other lectures on autism include The Genetics of Autism by Valerie Ferdinand, ND.

Day 4: Dr. Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM: Lyme Disease and Coinfections

Dr. Ingels had Lyme himself, hence his own journey into Lyme.

Topics include:

  • Carriers of Lyme
  • Coinfections
  • Testing
  • Treatments

**Dr. Ron Grisanti of FMU did a one week preceptorship with Dr. Richard Horowitz on Lyme. There’s a number of specialist talks and training available at Functional Medicine University, including Bradley Bush ND, and Rachel Fresco PhD of BioBotanical Research / Biocidin.

Day 4: Dr. Laurie Mischley, ND, MPH, PhD: Parkinson’s Can Be Helped

This talk on Parkinson’s was interesting in a number of ways as Dr. Mischley described what was getting good results with this condition and what was not. She mentioned things like glutathione and CBD oil as positives, and I gathered the Keto diet wasn’t getting such big results as expected. Certainly dairy was a negative for this condition. At this point the host and herself vowed to get entirely off dairy but I’m reminded that ancient cultures always had dairy in the form of cheese or curds or kefir. Even though there is debate out there on pastuerised vs raw, possibly the best reason not to overdo the dairy that I’ve heard comes from Dr. John Christopher of The School of Natural Healing, and that is because dairy is mucus forming in the body. Clearly it’s a case of who can afford some of that and who can’t, depending on how ill someone is, as well as sensitivity and allergy testing now, with people like Dr. Vojdani of Cyrex labs.

Topics include: Laura Mischley Parkinson's

  • CBD oil
  • Ketogenic diet good or bad for Parkinson’s?
  • Glutathione
  • Homocysteine levels tracked
  • Fasting insulin
  • Parkinson’t smelling dogs!

**There’s a number of guest lectures on neurological disorders at FMU, including root causes of Parkinson’s-type disorders.

***Functional medicine professional training will always go deeper than what you hear on a summit.

Day 6: Eric Balcavage, DC, CNS, CFMP, BCIM: SIBO Treatments Are Missing This

This was an interesting talk coming at the subject of SIBO from some different and fresh angles.

Topics include:Eric Balcavage SIBO

  • Thyroid
  • Gallbladder / bile
  • Testing
  • Methylation
  • Oxalates
  • Techniques to support and treat SIBO

Encore Sunday Feb 4th, 2018

The talks will unlock once more Sunday February 4th, 2018. And the summit package is available to purchase and view at your own pace anytime.

Movement Required – No Couch Potato-ing Please!

Because of the topic in question, ‘dirty genes’ and cleaning up the genes, Dr. Lynch has made all these talks audio and not video because he does not want people sitting down for hours watching two heads bobbing around – that would not be good for our genes. So this summit comes with the instructions to MOVE during the talks 😀

He also gives a very helpful timeline for every talk for example a glimpse at the first 22 minutes of the SIBO talk:

timeline SIBO Dirty Genes Summit


This makes is super easy to know precisely what is in each talk and go directly there when revising what a speaker said.

Complete Speaker List For All 7 Days

day 7 genetic testing & how to clean up your genes

day 6 Understanding how your genes work

Day 5 the building blocks of healthy families

Day 4 – Altering Your Genetic Expression

Day 4 altering your genetic expression

Day 3 genes & your mental health

Day 2 clean your genes with food

Day 1 how do your genes impact you

Missed the Dirty Genes Summit?

Or if you’d like to own all the talks, remember the package can be bought and downloaded to view at your own pace:

buy the dirty genes summit package

There are two packages, one is the summit accessible online and the other is the summit along with a course and access to a facebook group and Q&A, obviously the latter is time sensitive.

Dirty Genes the New Book by Dr. Ben Lynch

Due out in March 2018 but available for preorder now. He refers to it many times during the talks, in terms of the sort of content he is writing about and it does sound like a must read!

Dirty Genes book by Dr. Ben LynchIt certainly is one of the more interesting summits I’ve attended in ages. The layout is a little different and the Join the Conversation button is down the left side. There were many times I had wanted to jump in and comment during the talks and totally missed that my first few days on there!

Your Turn!

What did YOU think of this summit or any of the others you’ve attended? If you’d like to comment on your experience of the summit do so in the comments below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Genes Summit hosted by Dr. Ben Lynch”

    1. Hi Joan, I haven’t heard any plans yet but if he does I will let you know. It’s still available for purchase and there’s his book also. However the way things went in 2018 many of those speakers turned up at other events and many of them had changed their positions unfortunately towards keto and other fads eg Paul Thomas had started studying with the IFM and turned to promoting keto while at the same time admitting he was brand new to functional medicine and whereas we had that other speaker on Parknison’s already say it wasn’t getting good results with Parkinson’s and the entire health niche now divided between those calling keto a fad and those pushing it strongly because they’ve got keto supplement companies or whatever!

      Also Ben Lynch has modified his position on supplements, I’ve heard him state over and over all through last year that even people with ‘broken genes’ can just take greens whereas again a certain strand of practitioners are still quoting his older view of supplementing with methylated folate. We even heard Daniel Kalish say 70% of people supplmenting with that don’t do well! And then some people are too trigger happy prescribing SAMe too.

      Add to that the confusion created by Tom O’Bryan on grains and gluten – he consistently misquotes the original work by Alessio Fasano, and how Jay Davidson has taken an inexpensive Master Herbalist cleanse and turned it into an $1800 thing – things are getting crazy in the summit world and you’ve got to be very careful now with the summits.

      If you don’t want to buy the summit you could go onto Ben Lynch’s website and pick up a lot of free info there, or get his book. I have his book on my desk for review but it looks a bit technical, and I’m not sure which viewpoint Ben will go with there as he certainly is mellowing out in favor of greens and real foods over supplements with time and the main gist is clean up our lives and get the good nutrition in and we’ll go a long way, and that we aren’t ruled by our genes – that’s the real positive message, we really aren’t ruled by our genes, lifestyle and environment are the epigenetic part. Because I came up the natural healing route myself I know that a lot of what the speakers are now promoting is not necessary and sometimes quite harmful. Of course, people on certain meds can’t take tons of greens eg warfarin, that’s where supplements can come in handy.

      Ben Lynch’s book claims to be getting to the ‘root cause’ of disease but I saw a very interesting lecture on youtube by Dr John Christopher which showed him many decades ago saying chiropractors and doctors were now turning up to his lectures becoming interested in the ‘root cause of disease’, now the doctors speak like it originated with them but the original source was Dr Christopher so it is worth checking out the School of Natural Healing and then tweaking that with functional medicine – once people have cleaned up the ‘low hanging fruit’ of lifestyle then a lot of the testing and supplements aren’t necessary, they really should be reserved till last and working specifically.

      It’s a great question though, I may relisten to some of the lectures and do a review but I’m focusing on 5G at the moment, it seems we have to take action on that now as once the satellites go up and achieve blanket coverage of the earth there will be no escape from the high radiation, we’ll definitely need our genes in tippy top shape! Check out the 5G Space Appeal to stop them.

      If you are a practitioner or really interested in studying different opinions for your own health then I’d recommend the Functional Medicine University course, as they present lots of different speakers addressing the genes pathways and in different ways, including Ben Lynch. Next enrollment is spring, there’s always a voucher for 10% discount on this website.

      If you have any specific questions let me know and I can point you in the direction of resources 🙂


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