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New Site Coming Soon with News of Treatments Working for Covid19

FDA meds used off label one of which has a white paper published on the WHO website in July

In addition to many health boosting protocols to help us navigate covid news has emerged of 3 FDA meds currently being used off label with great success

  • Nebulised budesonide/pulmicort respules
  • Ivermectin
  • HCQ
  • as well as some herbs such as artemisia in Madagascar.

The FDA does not approve using anything for covid or calling anything a cure or a treatment, however treating the symptoms is yielding negative test results and saving nursing homes, emptied a covid ICU ward in a regional hospital and many 1000s of people including high risk groups, some non-US countries are even using them officially to prevent.

Since this is a pandemic and a person may have only 2 weeks to death from symptom onset, many people are upset at the lack of information on these things that are working to save lives so successfully. I list in brief some resources on this here, these and more on integrative and natural medicine can be found in more detail on a website coming soon called :

    1. The Ivermectin MD Team is a facebook group inviting other doctors to join, where they share research, testimonies, protocols and news, contributers are across disciplines. Look out in particular for Gustavo Aguirre who has published on Research Gate his protocols for prevention and the different stages of infection.
    2. Dr Richard Bartlett, Texas: Nebulised Budesonide, his website is where he has his protocol for doctors to see and many testimonies, a paper with case studies and a brilliant interview done with Dr. Mobeen
    3. The Herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner who had outlined the mechanism of SARS1 with protocols in 2013, and which he thought was futureproof at the time and who says that old protocol is actually working for people inside 4 days, has now brought out a 112 page pdf update on reducing infection, treating active infections and an extended protocol on long haulers with the multitude of symptoms experience post infection. Note he leans heavily on Chinese Herbalism but western herb equivalents exist and which will be covered in the site coming soon dedicated to that topic, covid fighting chance .com meanwhile his full protocols are here: Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Update on Herbal Antivirals book for SARS2