For the latest education in covid from a covid doctor who has been leading a team that has been successfully treating all stage covid and publishing his research over a year [update: now two years still successful, still eradicated long covid in his practice] follow Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang [UNMSM] of Lima, Peru.

His most recent updates on ResearchGate show an update for Long Covid the results of a 390 person trial to follow his 33 person trial a year previously [yes this team have been preventing and treating covid and long covid for over a year already!] Update: he has now published helpful schemes for managing chronic illness and another therapeutic test, this one to help with hypoperfusion and CFS/ME/FM.

As our inboxes fill up with expensive courses running the wrong direction on long covid by functional medicine doctors who had not only an easy ride hiding out the pandemic but who are only doing what they always did in terms of inflammation etc instead of viral persistence when really long covid is still covid for 75% of the people ie a stealth infection by a SARS virus that can have a tragic outcome unless addressed ASAP.

April 2021

April 2021 updated long covid


FDA meds used off label one of which has a white paper published on the WHO website in July

In addition to many health boosting protocols to help us navigate covid news has emerged of 3 FDA meds currently being used off label with great success

  • Nebulised budesonide/pulmicort respules <–emptied a covid ICU ward but strangely ‘wiped’ from the internet
  • Ivermectin <–adapted by several countries now [this must be used in the correct protocol and that is NOT what the flccc are doing]
  • HCQ <–it’s saved a nursing home [with early covid but for variants see Aguirre Chang, G]
  • as well as supplements and herbs [at least 50 herbs have mechanisms of actions worked out against covid and other coronviruses] such as artemisia in Madagascar

The FDA does not approve using anything for covid or calling anything a cure or a treatment, that’s a serious problem. In addition as Dr Bartlett puts it, treating the symptoms is yielding negative test results and saving nursing homes, emptied a covid ICU ward in a regional hospital and many 1000s of people including high risk groups, some non-US countries are even using them officially to prevent.

Since this is a pandemic and a person may have only 2 weeks to death from symptom onset, many people are upset at the lack of information on these things that are working to save lives so successfully. I list in brief some resources on this here, these and more on integrative and natural medicine can be found in more detail on a website coming soon called [update: due to censorship and marketing undermining information I instead help real experts get online] :

    1. The Ivermectin MD Team is a facebook group inviting other doctors to join, where they share research, testimonies, protocols and news, contributers are across disciplines. Look out in particular for Gustavo Aguirre who has published on Research Gate his protocols for prevention and the different stages of infection. [Update: this group started well but became full of ‘experts’ doling out misinformation, real experts withdrew and the group got banned on fb, though facebook was no saint at times censoring vital info on how to help people on an MV etc]
    2. Dr Richard Bartlett, Texas: Nebulised Budesonide, his website is [update: he has been hounded to keep withdrawing info from his site] where he has his protocol for doctors to see and many testimonies, a paper with case studies and a brilliant interview done with Dr. Mobeen [Mobeen then became ‘the expert’ and undermined everything Bartlett said but has a couple of million donations for ‘buy me a cup of coffee’ so hardly cares ! ]
    3. The Herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner who had outlined the mechanism of SARS1 with protocols in 2013, and which he thought was futureproof at the time and who says that old protocol is actually working for people inside 4 days, has now brought out a 112 page pdf update on reducing infection, treating active infections and an extended protocol on long haulers with the multitude of symptoms experience post infection. Note he leans heavily on Chinese Herbalism but western herb equivalents exist too, his full protocols are here: Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Update on Herbal Antivirals book for SARS2 but the herbs didn’t start with him, there’s a huge body of science on them within especially TCM, with western and other equivalents.
    4. Covid updates January 2021:
      1. January 2021: For some months a covid research team led by Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang at the National University of San Marcos, Peru, have been publishing vital information on misconceptions about the virus, that the viral stage is at all stages of infection and not merely resolving into ‘an inflammation phase’, that there are 4 basic types of covid infections including persistent symptomatic and asymptomatic, the mechanisms behind long haul, long haul protocols, as well as prophylaxis and treatment phases that have been working for them since March. Another important thing is ‘false negatives’ the tests are nose and oropharynx not picking it up in the heart, lungs, intestines or wherever else it goes 😉
      2. Another researcher in the UK, Professor Basant Puri has also got some interesting work on researchgate on the mechanisms of vein damage and it’s clear if you’ve got a grasp on what Stephen Harrod Buhner has already provided in his books, that early treatment most certainly stops things getting complicated and how easy it is to do that whether off label usage of fda meds or herbs, supplements etc