Is Functional Medicine Going the Wrong Direction on Long Covid?

functional medicine going the wrong direction with covid and long covid

Why are we listening to ‘interpretations’ by non-covid experts when a real expert like this was available?

In April 2020, while functional medicine speakers and doctors were talking about vitamins there is a doctor out there who had already performed a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial in health personnel, a 40 person post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) trial in contacts, led a team to treat all stage COVID publishing cases studies from their first 36 successful April 2020 [!] cases including all high risk groups with the first full treatment scheme for covid, then long covid having already completed a 33 person trial in long covid by mid 2020 and a 390 person long covid trial by mid 2021 on long covid patients in his own medical practice, that is, not counting all those he’d been helping [for free] online via educating doctors directly and answering anyone who asked him questions…

So in the last 16 months his impressive resume now extends to multiple studies and trials and successes, the stats showing long covid responds to eradicating the virus – he is getting 100% resolution inside two weeks in long haul with his protocol that is focused on firstly reducing the viral load but also importantly dealing with the microenvironment of the clotting, in addition to his 3rd line of action which is immune and increased requirement for micronutrients.

Functional Medicine speakers are stuck on inflammation and missing the virus and bioclots…as such, they are not treating COVID or Long COVID [which is the same disease] but doing the ‘same old same old’

I have shared the work and protocols of Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang with practitioners and licensed professionals, those who took the microenvironment and virus seriously are seeing great results in long covid and vaccine injury.

I am disappointed that platforms like FMU are still running speakers like Dr Silverman, who was the speaker last year talking about vitamins when Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang was publishing full treatment and prophylaxis protocols showing as early as April/May 2020 how to avoid long covid, treat all stage COVID in all risk groups and avoid and treat long covid – while Silverman returns a year later to again tell us ‘the research on covid’ and that putting his mum in her 90s on keto for covid didn’t work [surprise, surprise!] ‘because covid is so bad’ [no actually Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang showed 86 year olds bouncing back by going after the virus and not fad diets while Silverman was still telling us about vitamins April 2020], the message seems to be lost on both Silverman and FMU that they did not grasp the  SARS CoV-2 virus at all, and are still going the wrong way – bad enough -but to be still pumping out those lectures in Oct 2021 to new incoming practitioners is an insult to the very notion of training and quite dangerous – but, it’s not just FMU, it’s the entire health niche at the moment. If they aren’t in denial of the fact we have a sars virus on our hands, all platforms without exception seem to be chasing the wrong end of the stick, with zero idea that the virus persists as a stealth infection and does not magically disappear day 12, Infectious Disease 101.

The past few weeks FMU ran another speaker [Vreeland] who also missed the mark on covid and long covid, he was not a covid doctor either. I’d informed the person who is FMU, chiropractor Dr Ron Grisanti [and Silverman], from the beginning that Dr Aguirre Chang is the one to watch and that he is available but somehow that and all my updates on that through the year have been ignored and we are just seeing a clique of the same personalities and speakers pontificate on all subjects ‘educating’ us on their understanding with their bias and agenda – Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang has updated his protocols to show all the things that work in his three lines of action, so if you do not want to use one thing you will find another, whether that is a prescription medication or a herb or supplement – but it’s not an interpretation of the research, it is the research. And it is not based on patients online or paitents dealt with after the pandemic or at the end of the pandemic having hid under a proverbial rock – like most of the doctors now offering us advice – I’m appalled to see what’s landing in my inbox from other functional medicine doctors AFTER the pandemic on the basis of their theories having hid under a rock all year or on the basis of a handful of [easy] clients they got exposed to in a year – this is a real covid doctor and top academic, and we should not have to deal with middle men or ‘doctorpreneurs’ educating us when the source and top scientists are always on hand and finding it impossible to be heard. Nor should you be sucked into any of the expensive ‘inflammation’ courses on covid and long covid at the moment across functional medicine circles.

Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang has now published over 80 articles in two languages, English and Spanish and sometimes others, as he continuously updated us directly via researchgate and other platforms for free on covid all stages and long covid and continuously saw success with his original protocol as he tweaked it with his team of doctors through the variants – from 4 days after the research was published on the ability of Ivermectin to reduce viral load, this team in Lima, Peru, graduates from the San Fernando Faculty of Medicine of the National University of San Marcos, had swung into action with Ivermectin though they had already been using other things. They soon had published the first full treatment scheme for all stage covid and through the pandemic many other outstanding papers, they still are, including the most recent on bioclots as one key to their success is dealing with the microenvironment of the virus, clots. And as I said, they use the full spectrum of therapeutics.

Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang has also developed the Therapeutic Test for long covid, partly because as he stated, the entire science community was going the wrong direction not recognising viral persistence – something his team were dealing with since April 2020, the fact the virus has a tendency to persist and needs eradicating.

Dr Aguirre Chang has posted full protocols for all stage covid and long covid in his research, his website is coming out soon. You can see all his advice and steps of action for free, from a real scientist, brilliant mind and successful doctor with covid for 16 months and counting. Whereas Dr Silverman updated us at one point to say he was treating his own mother in her 90s with keto for covid…pity he hadn’t listened to Dr Aguirre Chang on prophylaxis, but the wrong direction and stubbornly digging into the wrong direction is something we are seeing too often in functional medicine and it is time to go direct to the real scientists. Same thing happened with Tom O’Bryan and Alessio Fasano – Fasano was blue in the face trying to correct the misinformation and being misquoted all the time – why are you listening to a clique of speakers ‘expert’ on everything, we don’t need these intermediaries when the actual doctor experts are there waiting to speak to us and trying to be heard, directly.

This paper by Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang on early covid, Initial Stage treatment is groundbreaking, and it is from NOVEMBER 2020 [!], an update here is the PEP dosage in contacts is now 0.4 not 0.2, which he updated in later research. He has also produced updates for the variants since Dec/Jan which include Nifuroxazide along with Ivermectin in the first line of action, and the doses and duration of the treatment is higher and longer but still working effectively. Though his first line antiviral of choice is Ivermectin, he has included many subs for that for people who cannot access it, including artemisia and other plants and medicines, but he does not deal with just one line of action, as I explained, he uses a 3×3 strategy.

Importantly, he shows the steps involved to treat individuals, gauge response to treatment, viral load, classify disease severity, knows which stages are mild, moderate, severe, critical and the different steps needed for those. Same with long covid.

Early COVID ACUTE COVID-19: THERAPEUTIC PLAN IN THE INITIAL OR NASAL AND PHARYNGEAL STAGE. PART II. FARMACOLOGICAL MEASURES Part 1 on ResearchGate is his non-pharmacological measures, eg he finds gargling with salt and water reduces viral load and treatment time – from his extensive experience and desire to find things everyone can access, though he includes many other things can be done here too. The November paper is clinically imporant, some updates that have come out later for variants and additional therapeutics include COVID by Variants of SARS CoV2 Inclusion of Nifuroxazide in the First Line of Therapeutic Action

Long Covid THERAPEUTIC TEST and THERAPEUTIC PLAN FOR LONG COVID <– He’s already done two studies/trials on this over the past year and got continuous success, I’ve seen the reports myself from people who tried his simple process. It also helps doctors and practitioners establish who is covid and who has underlying conditions.

His protocols for Pre and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis are also available for free, his website will be released soon.

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