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Health Hacker Fx Summit

November 26, 2018 - December 2, 2018

Originally called the Biohacking Genetics Summit now ‘health hacker’ hosted by peeps from the paleo community and having a lot in common with the female hormones summit already run through.

There is a worrying philosophy expressed at the hormones summit visible again at this one – that there is more available today – this is a complete ignorance of and disrestpect for the past, while at the same time they’ll claim to have ‘tried everything’ therefore must do xyz now and ‘ain’t we so lucky’, huh, no actually!

Their free reg gift is a book by David Jockers, who tends to share the work of older naturopaths without referencing them hence making himself look good however then when he’s established ‘trust’ he’ll slip in his OCD keto and fasting philosophy, nothing the good naturopaths of the past would have done themselves.

However keto is already so yesterday, the truth about keto is leaking out so fast it’s exploding – people going into afib and staying there, people with scary blood sugar, screwed throids, lost muscle – and that includes some of those who ‘do it right’, though the keto hype doesn’t much care to ensure people are measuring themsevles as they should either.

On top of that we not only have an inner circle of practitioners attending highly marketed events seemingly being pressurised into doing keto with their patients, we also have them admitting that keto isn’t even necessary – it can be used as a compliance tool!

So if you are not particularly into health or natural healing but just want some fast short term results at any price then this may be for you. David Jockers featured speaker, many other speakers from the same digital marketing group have been invited – you’ll see yet again Elle Russ who admit inadvertently keto will screw with your thryoid if you do it wrong, then yet again from the hormone summit Gabrielle Lyons misquoting? the research on mTor saying we need 90g of protein a day while Dr. Joe Mercola quotes the same mTor research to say we need 20g of protein a day! YIKES! If ever you needed told DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME folks, you really need to know your sources when it comes to health info!

One know health hacker at this is Ben Greenfield, the things he has put his body through in his many iron man challenges – note – an interesting question is do you intend to join some elite sports challenge, if not then why eat like someone who is! Again I wish Ben knew some of the older schools of healing and western master herbalism and then he may not need to so many extreme things.

Again I hestiate to lauch this upon an unsuspecting public unless you are aware of all the issues and experienced in health recovery already – !


November 26, 2018
December 2, 2018




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