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FMU no longer accredited by California Health Sciences

Despite connection still on the website at FMU, reality is the Health Sciences school has wound long some time ago and you are not being certified by a university or anyone except a retired individual chiropractor. Most fmed trainings are by individuals, most of whom would not hold your attention outside of a website set-up and the demand for courses to ‘help you make more money’ and a shoddily regulated Continuing Education industry  across the board quite frankly needs some re-examination as it’s no different from the system that has let you down in the first place aka big pharma.

Upcoming topics and speakers at Functional Medicine University

Upcoming Presentations

In addition to the core functional medicine training and past lecture archive, Dr. Grisanti claims to be constantly seeking out new topics, new speakers, hot topics, cutting edge topics, and that you have the ability to ask questions of these speakers afterwards through the FMU members forum. UNLESS you disagree with him!

If you get Alessio Fasano, for example, to show Tom O’Bryan is misquoting him with ‘extremism’ in the fmed lecture then your message from Fasano [who is touted as ‘source’ by  O’Bryan] will be wiped off the student forum, Tom O’Bryan then repeats verbatim the misattribution of his position on gluten to Fasano. Though Fasano had refuted it, and offered to speak, that offer to speak is taken up over a year later and you still get sent out links to Tom O’Bryan’s lecture, not the balance or correction regarding the science and false attribution of Fasano’s name to a position on gluten he does not hold  … at which point you will soon realise the only direction being put forward is the opinion of one man and his clique, often in direct opposition to the very experts they quote.

As for covid ‘cutting edge’, while 5 pioneer doctors [well, one herbalist in that] had solved covid by April 2020, we had to wait till late 2022 for a weak diluted version of their work – also way out of date – to be shared, compiled on some ridiculous blog site and scooped up in general by all the fmed platforms. Again all of fmed went to bad secondary sources on covid.

Similarly, no matter what herbalists got invited to speak through the years, we ended up again in 2022 with a DIY allopathic ‘this herb substitute for that med’ list disseminated ‘to practitioners only’. Ouch.  On just how many levels is that wrong… Again, not unique to any one fmed platform but what a constellation here.

Thus functional medicine education turns out to be an illusion, an indoctrination of fads, one platform inevitably one man forging a direction in things he often doesn’t understand and certainly has not trained in. A pseudo science that will harbour good and bad, and the ugly. Not at all speakers are bad and that is the tragedy of the thing, confuses you, you see a good speaker and think that is the baseline whereas it is the exception in online health speakers today across all health industry platforms. Not at all unique to one platform but common to all, in what ultimately is online marketing and online dynamics – you want courses, then people will sell them to you..! Original sources and real experts are lost, as is original thought and good research. As biased as big pharma, in its own way using the same dynamics of market and competition.

The lecture list below – the speakers are just guests labelled ‘faculty’, usually not trained in the area, it is entertainment with a mix of good and bad and worse if it trains YOU to rely on hearsay on all of these issues instead of digging deeper yourself… As I have stated elsewhere, this platform and all the other fmed and health platforms systematically refused to listen to real experts during covid and that is indicative of how all subjects are approached – buyer beware.

  1. WheatZoomer Interpretation
    Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN  – I don’t actually agree with much of what Tom says, and I’ll elaborate further on that at some point [update: I forced the platform to speak to Dr Alessio Fasano after the constant misquoting of his research and work by Tom O’Bryan who has the gall to ‘certify’ people in gluten fads misquoting Fasano…and he’s not the only one.
  2. Sudden Cardiac Death and Potassium
    Dr. Jeffrey Moss – Excellent speaker, disagrees with much of the fads in functional medicine nutrition but note he was around long before these…
  3. Doctor’s Data Comprehensive Stool analysis
    David Quig, PhD
  4. Understanding the Complexity of Estrogen Detoxification: How Genetics, the Liver, and the Microbiome Come Together
    Carrie Jones, ND (from Precision Analytical–The Dutch Test)
  5. The Thyroid-Adrenal connection: understanding metabolism and fatigue
    Dr. Debbie Rice, ND, MPH (from Precision Analytical–The Dutch Test)
  6. The Impact of Concussion on the Gut- Brain Axis
    Dr. Rob Silverman – always excellent presentations? [that is if you are new and ok with getting things second hand by a man not qualified in the area he is talking about as with all functional medicine speakers on these talk circuits for the most part – covid being such a great example].  I’d personally apply different protocols when it comes to solutions …
  7. Bulimia/Disordered Eating
    Dr. Christina Bjorndal N.D.
  8. Cognitive Reversal
    Mary Kay Ross, MD, FACEP
  9. “Chemical Toxins, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Microbiome Disruption – Dr. Kurt Woeller DC
  10. Supporting the Brain from Cognitive Decline to Nootropics
    Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, CNS [note all these ‘dacbn’ things are part of very easy qualifications for people in these circles that really ought to be questioned …

**I no longer recommend functional medicine training, the ‘industry’ needs an overhaul…

Check out FMU past presentations here.

For a bio on some of the speakers check out the FMU Board of Advisors here.


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