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Post Viral Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Parasites, the Autoimmune Connection

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Highlights from Episode 4

1. Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome Turned Around With Functional Medicine

A 30 year old man with no known health issues suddenly bedridden and needing to use a wheelchair for doctor appointments after catching a cold, labeled with the dummy diagnosis of ‘post viral fatigue syndrome’ and offered no medical solutions. Dr. Stephanie specializing in functional medicine turned his situation right around by looking at what weaknesses were in his body systems that led to the simple cold virus having such a devastating impact on him. His doctors had left him debilitated and could do nothing for him, whereas functional medicine was getting him back on his feet again, literally as well as metaphorically.

‘Post viral syndrome’ is what’s referred to as a trash can diagnosis, when doctors don’t know what is wrong but unfortunately it also means they stop looking. Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra openly admits they give this diagnosis frequently to heart patients when they have chronic heart failure and their tests don’t say what is going on. That was true during his career in the US over the last 40 years and it is true today in Ireland in 2018. However again functional medicine tests DO show the moving parts in the biochemistry and physiology of the person and help getting that needle going in the opposite direction of disease because they pick up so many extra things that point to the underlying causes behind the current illness manifestation.

2. Dr. Jay Davidson’s Parasite and Detox Adventures

Jay Davidson’s accounts of his parasites when he started Mimosa Pudica for the first time – he’d tried many parasite cleanses before but saw nothing, this time there were 20 inch worms hanging from his rear, and that was the start of a ‘beautiful’ journey where he just about made every mistake in the book, having got rid of them but stopping too early and ignoring the eggs in the lifecycle, which hatched out every few weeks and had him starting all over again to chase the parasites. Dr. Jay is pretty graphic in talking about itchy butts and washing his boxers every morning, and any doc who refers to the male anatomy as giblets can’t help but become endearing.

Mistakes, Discoveries, Wisdom

It’s encouraging to see someone at his level make a lot of the mistakes the rest of us make and work through them and overcome the problems.

  • It’s also encouraging to see him reach for some very old very effective protocols like coffee enemas and blow the dust off them and bring the science of why they work into the equation, to match what many of us already know from experience.
  • It is excellent to see him place emphasis on the affinity of parasites for the gallbladder area – something I’ve discovered in my own journey when I accidentally took too much parasite syrup one day, but not something you hear people talking about.
  • Part of his ‘jump in the deep end attitude’ can blow the other way at times too so I’m always urging caution when he talks about heavy metal detox – his detox summit last year had too much of an emphasis on heavy metals when really they are the very last thing people can detox out of their body AFTER they’ve cleansed the bowel, kidneys, liver, blood & lymph THEN go after metals if you are strong enough. He did not have enough precautions and warnings put in place for weak and very ill people last year, who formed a large percent of the audience listening, and his methods of provocation challenges were too harsh when really there are better ways to do it.
  • So roll on 2018 and Dr. Jay has learned from some of the mistakes and this time round on his summit invited Dr. Chris Shade from Quicksilver Scientific, who has a better way to detox heavy metals involving getting the body to upregulate glutathione that is safer for everyone, involving making the body strong enough to deal with the metals INSTEAD of provoking the metals out loose in the body where they can recirculate and do even more damage. Of course coffee enemas are a big part of naturally upregulating glutathione. And though Dr. Shade uses liposomal glutathione, Dr. Jay is also using coffee enemas, and we just had a speaker at the Disaster Summit saying that she got better results from coffee enemas than the expensive supplements. Which is a relief for many people who cannot afford them. Dr. Shades detox programs are expensive and I’m familiar with the Master Herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher’s extended detox herbs, which are very effective.

*I’ve actually bought this years Heavy Metals Summit but have not viewed it yet, as there are just so many summits airing at the moment but will catch up with it later and post a review on it. However from the speaker lineup which now includes Dr. Chris Shade who does not recommend provocation challenges, certainly improvements have been made on last year.

Experience With Different Healing Traditions Over Time

This is where experience comes in and how your resources increase with the more schools of healing that you know, as well as the history of healing:

  • While the Master Herbalists at The School of Natural Healing have always been using the proper detox format and quality wildcrafted herbs, and use garlic a lot in their protocols, they don’t use coffee enemas and not only miss out on the benefits of those for some patients but sometimes tell people not to use them. It’s unfair to tell somebody not to use something that may potentially do them a lot of good.
  • And while a supplement like liposomal glutathione may get good results for some people, not everyone will be able to afford that, so it is good to know about other ways to upregulate glutathione naturally in the body, such as coffee enemas as described by Dr. Max Gerson, and I do recommend reading the Gerson Therapy book for their chapter on coffee enemas as they know more about them than anyone else, as they are used 3-5 times a day in their program. I’ve done Gerson Therapy myself and taken 1000s of coffee enemas so when I hear an inexperienced functional medicine practitioner today quoting Dr. Jay’s podcast on coffee enemas as ‘source’ and saying ‘you can’t do them every day’, well it highlights that we need to carry through good academic standards and get things from the horse’s mouth, quoting original resources as we go and not just current leaders that we see on the internet.
  • Garlic is another way to upregulate glutathione naturally and Sayer Ji of Greenmedinfo highlights the new science behind the effectiveness of the age old use of garlic. That said, unless you study with people who have been using garlic therapeutically for generations, then you potentially miss out yet again. For example, a woman told me recently she ‘took garlic’ for her cold. How much garlic, was my question in response. She said ‘2 cloves’ and so I proceeded to tell her an antibiotic dose of garlic is a minimum of 16 cloves a day, depending on the strength of the infection, as much more can be necessary. At this point of course you do need to know that garlic is also a blood thinner, a good book highlighting drug food contraindications is Suzy Cohen’s Drug Muggers which shows people on medications can’t do therapeutic doses of some herbs and foods. And that’s where functional medicine training and knowledge of supplements comes in handy, when people are already on medications.

3. Cured Her Ulcerative Colitis Naturally Yet Still Eats Wheat?

Another very interesting speaker at Autoimmune Secrets is an Indian MD ND who cured her ulcerative colitis yet continued to eat wheat.

She got off the standard American diet and got back to following her traditional Indian diet with lots of anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, and adaptogenic herbs to modulate the immune system.

But many people out there today claim wheat is harmful to everyone and she proves what many of us know already and what Alession Fasano actually DOES say in the research – it isn’t harmful to everyone, a healthy person’s tract is designed to bounce back from eating it just like many other things it encounters daily.

But Some People Cannot Eat Gluten, Whatever Their Tests Say

Gluten is so harmful to so many people that the concern about it is valid. And whereas gluten sensitivity doesn’t even show up in tests for some people, going off gluten can sometimes reverse and heal the most horrific illnesses.

We had a lecture at FMU recently by Tom O’Bryan on this very point. He gave the example of a two year old boy with epilepsy and developmental issues, medications didn’t work but it began to turn around in just 2 weeks when gluten free. The cherry on top of that particular icing was the doctors made an announcement as a result of that experience to screen non-responding epileptic children for gluten sensitivity however as Dr. O’Bryan showed us, the science had published that recommendation and research back in 1992, 25 years ago!!!

A lesson from medical history – don’t wait for standard medical practice to allow this or that – they are 30-40 years behind the science in just about every field.

  • I was told that 15 years ago by Dr. Vance Spence, vascular consulant and coordinator of all research on severe ME in the UK, and he isn’t even into functional medicine, he is a researcher doctor.
  • And I see it in the work of Dr. Stephen Sinatra who got a woman off the heart transplant list using just a couple of supplements 37 years ago, yet cardiology has still not embraced nutrition.
  • We see it in the case published Sept 2017 on the 2 year old boy ‘now going to screen for gluten sensitivity’

People are suffering and dying due to that stubbornness on the part of standard medical protocol and training to ignore the science and cuddle up to the pharmaceutical model of medicating symptoms instead of embracing solutions and exploring whatever root cause may be underlying illnesses.

Note while many of us land in the medical bin or need to work to pay for medications, the pharmaceutical industry is certainly growing year on year as is illness itself.

I speak as one of those for whom medications did not work and root causes were not explored and life down the toilet as a result for over a decade, meanwhile ‘the professionals’ become very questionable indeed for considering functional medicine training is merely ‘optional’ at this point. My own story is here.

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other resources

I have included other resources for you above in terms of building your own protocols, eg with The School of Natural Healing, or Dr. Shade at Quicksilver Scientific. Group calls are ok if you have the money but it depends on your needs and financial situation, many ill people living below the poverty line may be best putting their money into solutions where the information is already freely available. And if you can afford it then working directly with an experienced functional medicine practitioner would be ideal.

If anyone takes the group calls and would like to comment on the standard of helpful information you can access there please comment below or email me at, I’d love to know! I’ve just signed up to a Heart Bootcamp myself with Dr. Joel Kahn precisely because it gives me the opportunity to ask many questions that only an integrative cardiologist with functional medicine training can answer, these things have their place – but that’s also money that could be spent on actual solutions like botanicals or supplements if you’ve been on disability over a decade! *Update: I withdrew from the heart bootcamp ‘community’ pretty quickly, not only was I ignored as a difficult to treat case but told it was impossible ‘no known therapy for damage to vein lining’, well it’s not the first knockback I’ve got from the medical community, that’s where old naturopaths like Dr. Christopher and Master Herbalism saved my life to this day while ‘experts’ and official medicine still run for the hills! For the old timers like Dr. John Christopher there were no incurables, they put out protocols and herbs that could be accessed either for free or inexpensively, without whom I would not be here now. One downside of a docuseries like this is the amount of money involved in accessing the information, it’s aimed at those that can afford it. I’m surprised at the emphasis by the host on ‘charity’ work in Africa while charging people who desperately need help for information on immune system recovery. If you can afford it great, many of us can’t.

Make Real Medicine Mainstream!

All of which just highlights the need for this type of medicine to become mainstream and accessible and affordable to all, and a docuseries like this is the first step to making that happen by alerting people globally to what is possible. But it is not the last step.

We don’t have decades of life to waste while the medical profession comes out of the dark ages, reads 30 year old science, embraces functional testing and healing protocols, or for that battle with Big Pharma profiteering to drag on.

Your Turn!

  • If you can afford to hop onto this Autoimmune Secrets offer then go for it and let us know how you get on!
  • If you are a licensed professional not yet trained in functional medicine then go ahead and get trained up, the opportunities are posted for you on this site and see the voucher below for up to 10% off your tuition fees.
  • If you are discovering health and healing for the first time then make sure you check out some of the resources on this page and other summits coming up with information available for free or to purchase and consume at your own pace.
  • If you’d like to become an affiliate for this event then click here to register.

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Herbs to Calm the Immune System

immucalm herbsDr. Christopher’s Immucalm: Marshmallow & Astragalus

This can get immediate calming relief for allergies but for some conditions it needs to be taken for a year. However people including myself have got great results with it. It is possible to buy it in bulk from certain suppliers in the US like or, none of whom I’m affiliated with, but my intention is always to bring awareness to good products and I do know the herbs from Wholistic Botanicals are top quality wildcrafted or organic if they can’t get wild.

Of course dealing with intestinal permeability is at heart of any protocol to fix autoimmune conditions, there are several ways to do that, more later.

Meanwhile here is an excellent video by Master Herbalist David Christopher of The School of Natural Healing explaning in a nutshell just how autoimmune disease occurs in the body and how he would go about calming it down and strengthening the body quite simply with strengthening calming herbs and detoxing the body and organs in the right order safely.

That Everyone May Feel Comfortable: Root cause medicine

* It is clear many of the people on the Autoimmune Secrets Docuseries belong to and promote one particular religion, I am not promoting that religion in any way, shape or form, and wish all speakers and event organizers would keep functional medicine and religion separate so that it is comfortable for everyone everywhere in the world to access the facts about autoimmune disease recovery and new medical trends without being held captive for people to share their own religious beliefs. Having lived in religious hotspots such as Northern Ireland and the Middle East myself, I know the importance of not getting into either religion or politics at a medical event and there is a bit of a trend among certain speakers in the health niche at the moment to take us for granted a bit, as we are here for the root cause medicine, only.

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