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DIY Detox Summit

June 3, 2019 - June 9, 2019

June 3rd-9th, Brigit Danner hosting a detox summit emphasis on DIY as opposed to previous detox summits which were leaning on the complicated and expensive.

In the past we’ve had detox summits by Jay Davidson and his pals, Jay evolved over the years from starting with metals ‘nearly killing himself’ to summits that emphasised heavy metal detox and featured expensive protocols and still sent out the message to go after advanced before basic detox!

Brigit Danner spoke on the disaster summit last year about coffee enemas doing more for her mold exposure and glutathione than even expensive liposomal glutathione – great to hear, that’s my experience too – however Danner is an FDN, coffee enema experts are Gerson Therapy – who do we listen to ultimately about coffee enemas? Well Gerson has cancer patients doing 5 a day to reverse cancer, I myself on Gerson as a non-cancer patient did 3 a day and they returned my ability to walk – so when and FDN or anyone else reading from a textbook says ‘oh don’t overdo them just do one’ well I’m going to listen to Gerson and the full advice is to do one coffee enema for every 3 juices.

What’s a ‘juice’?

LOL! In the age of keto fads people tend to forget natural healing was juice based in the past and worked very well on juices. All the major schools of healing and incurables programs used juice fasts but in today’s age of trends we have David Jockers rewriting history for his keto agenda and rewriting the history of fasting to say things that never actually happened unless you were with a strict cult or religious order water fasting was never a historical trend. It is dangerous and I’ll listen to results and history and my own experience there and keep my Greenstar carrot and apple juice, best thing for mitochondria and energy.

Jay Davidson has a talk on 3 golden nuggets of detox but he admitted last year he got them off an old naturopath, and this is where he got them right here, and original sources are always best! [and less expensive and proven with time]

*The extended Master Herbalist cleanse from the School of Natural Healing by Dr John R Christopher is the best detox out there though coffee enemas are excellent too.

We have Alan Christianson who gave a brilliant lecture on resistant starch curealls aka white potatoes for an hour last year at a food summit – hard to reconcile that with keto which doesn’t allow white potatoes, and exposes quite a few myths though culturally and historically the population of Ireland doubled while on white potatoes as a main food source and there is a Mr Spudfit in Australia at the moment!

Danner being an FDN is more grounded in the practicalities and expense. That said, keto features at this summit and to date David Jockers and his pals have been bombing people to ‘quickstart’ keto and ‘fasting’ without attention to precautions and many people have reported harm and even death with that. [I have received many personal testimonies that anyone could have predicted based on last year’s summit advice on keto and it’s worse this  year]

She has a range of speakers but anyone thinking of detox needs to do their homework before jumping in.


June 3, 2019
June 9, 2019




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