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Immune Defense Summit

February 18, 2019 - February 24, 2019

Jonathan Landsman, Feb 18th-24th

A mix of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to speakers for this event. You will need your discernment hat on! One good speaker to watch out for is David Christopher of The School of Natural Healing, he is the son of Dr. John R Christopher ND, Master Herbalist and Vitalist and one of the greatest legends of all time. Most of what the doctorpreneurs sell these days is based on Dr. John Christopher’s work but they do not reference their sources, I know because I studied the original work AND occasionally someone like Jay Davidson or Christopher Shade will let it slip that they are basing their detox protocols on the older naturopath….though there’s will cost you thousands of dollars more and not be as effective as the original detox herbs out there today.

As far as functional medicine goes, we have the opportunity to work with people on medications who can’t do herbs, and the opportunity to test in hard cases to get better application of the old protocols that work, however it is not a case of reinventing the wheel and should not be a case of belonging to a marketing mastermind group to position you to milk the market for money by whatever means.

Make no mistake, most of the speakers here belong to certain marketing groups and that is why keto and grain-bashing features strongly, not at all because of any truth to them. Key financial partners and investors line up side by side here as you can see from the presence of Ty Bollinger. However kudos to host Landsman for inviting some people not aligned to the big marketing groups like David Christopher, clearly he has an eye on truth somewhere along the way and has invited some of the most popular trending voices out there, despite the wake of death and destruction across the globe from people trying to follow David Jockers & co. RIP the young post partum mother who died emulating David Jocker’s wife, it’s a disgrace keto is still being pounded like it is out there, and that Tom O’Bryan and Peter Osborne are allowed distort the original research by Alessio Fassano – make no mistake, this is a money grab and fad fest for the majority of speakers here with some good old timers turning up for the opportunity to speak the truth.

I’m supposed to sell this event to you as an affiliate marketer, however I urge the greatest caution with all Health Talks Online events now, they are not representative of functional medicine at all, just one particular marketing group with their joint venture partners for $$$

You can sign up and request a refund within 30 days, though it’s impossible to listen to 30 hours of that sort of thing without being influenced. I suggest you catch David Christopher and his Master Herbalist training so you’ll know herbs for yourself rather than be told by someone noob 5 minutes in herbs how to use them, but it’s a mixed bag and be careful of the bad stuff.

The free gifts with this summit include Peter Osborne, again he is a speaker who does not reference his original sources, he admitted last year they can no longer claim gluten harms everyone but unfortunately he has been bashing grains so long that he forgot he said that and has some real twisted ideas on how the gut gets damaged, they are plain wrong and these speakers have too much exposure and publicity and celebrity status now, false authority placed on the ultimately by Brendon Burchard very slimey marketing.

Immune Defense Summit


February 18, 2019
February 24, 2019


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