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Keto Summit

May 20, 2018 - May 21, 2018

Keto Summit 2018

The tagline of this event is ‘our mission is to help the world heal’ however in mathematics sometimes there can be two solutions to a problem and yet both solutions are not equal, one will be easy and beautiful and the other ugly and convoluted, unnatural and not something you’d choose if you knew there was an option. Well such is keto, that second ugly solution, the one that has a natural alternative no matter what illness you like to talk about here, whether it is MS to ALS, keto is NEVER the only way.

However if you are already doing keto in your life then you’d better ensure you are doing it properly because it is trending and many people jumped on this latest fad diet and did it badly, those people could end up in trouble so best hang out with others doing it.

Encore w/e ran to May 21st and always check in for later replays, they are often extended. The host was David Jockers, and he invited other people already into Keto to speak, in other words you were not getting presented with alternative views at this summit.

There are a number of keto speakers represented at FMU eg Dr. Mercola has given a number of lectures on his Cronometer and eating habits, as well as Terry Wahls but also those who take the opposite stance on nutrition have been invited to speak and their lectures are archived too.

Personally I know the conditions they claim success for with Keto can always be dealt with successfully by other means too. My own case would have had Keto recommeded for it had I spoken to the wrong person, ‘wrong’ because it would have beean n unnecessary risk and hardship. I’m personally totally against any diet that forces you to be scared of food, even an apple. And that has you in a risky place where you need to monitor with keto sticks and buy ridiculously priced things not available locally. Even though I am 100% organic.

Celebrity doctors coming out against keto include:

  • Dr. Alan Christianson
  • And severe illnesses that have found protocols other than keto include MS, ME, CFS, ALS eg Deanna’s Protocol designed specifically because she tried keto and it did not suit her.


May 20, 2018
May 21, 2018

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