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Mindful Parenting

January 21, 2019 - January 27, 2019

Mindful World Parenting Summit billed as ‘awaken to a new way of parenting’, however on reading deeper we find it’s not so much to do with parenting at all. There are 8 speakers each day, so no way can anyone catch all of that – bordering the fringes of being ‘free’ then because you’d really have to buy the package to hear this summit.

Looking at the line up I see John Assaraf – I’ve taken some of John’s programs and studied subconscious behavior and hypnotherapy myself and find:

a. His team’s attempt to give the ‘neuroscience’ view of all this doesn’t really progress any further than what was going on in the 60s at HMI, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and much of the latter’s stuff is free or very reasonably priced and I’d say gets better results. As much as I love John Assaraf there is no doubt he is a marketing machine, using his story to hook you into his sales program – and basically everyone here is doing the same. I’m disillusioned at the whole summit platform.

b. So in Assaraf we have a marketing machine and all this emphasis on ‘online marketing’ that has produced these summits and is driving the way doctors now ‘practice’ has for the most part lost most people’s message and impact no matter how sincere they may have originated and however many dollars are rolling in the door that doesn’t really qualify as success.

I’ve been attending these summits since 2012 and seen a negative spiral the past few years and if you’d like some proof then take a look at this Open Letter to all Conscious Health Care Pracitioners by Evan Alden whom I’ve watched attend the summits, ask questions and employ many of the doctors and speakers at these events only to be led on a very expensive merry-go-round and is a pretty typical example of the actual fruit of these summits from what I see others say too.

So we see a number of people from Assaraf’s marketing platform and mastermind groups here this time round – that’s a bit of a welcome change because the other speakers have appeared ad nauseum on every topic to date, at least Assaraf by comparison only turns up a couple of times a year lol, though it looks like there could be other joint ventures involved with this summit too – yes, that’s marketing speak because that’s what these events are now. That is why no matter what the subject we get the same faces the same speakers as ‘the experts’, though certainly new ones in the line up this time. To be fair, Assaraf usually gives great value and is an excellent role model as to how he changed his life – again, easy to miss it in the heavy marketing that will ensue.

What can I say, mindful is a buzzword, it’s been whacked around a while now but if you are new to it there may be something here for you. Though honestly I’d suggest you go to original sources eg take some basic training which is actually free at hypnosis.edu or the American Hypnosis Association or employ a good clinical hypnotherapist, not a healthcare pracititoner who has done a course in marketing and now knows how to spin a package and a story.

*Update: I took the Jumpstart 2019 course with Cheryl O’Neill senior tutor at hypnosis.edu and saw the blueprint for Assaraf’s $1000 course, except Cheryl’s is 100 times better and cost me $29, of course it’s not just about the cost, it’s the sheer power in Cheryl’s course and this is my main point with the new online marketing [actually instigated by ‘Experts Academy Brendon Burchard] whereby they take someone else’s work, never reference them, and then sell you a version claiming to be an ‘expert’ because they are one step ahead of you -whereas if you’d gone to the original course you’d have the real deal ..it’s not just Assaraf, it is almost everyone caught up in this digital marketing model displayed at the summits and certain online courses.


January 21, 2019
January 27, 2019



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