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Thyroid Reset Summit

March 4, 2019 - March 10, 2019

Thyroid Reset Summit March 4th-10th with encore w/e

Same Old Same Old?

Mostly the same line up of speakers here again for the Thyroid Reset Summit, leaning very heavily on keto unfortunately with David Jockers and Elle Russ – haven’t we heard them just about every summit last year already and again this year?!

Then we’ve got the anti-grain brigade out in force too, with Peter Osborne – who remember said ‘we can no longer claim gluten is dangerous to everyone’, which is what the actual research of Alessio Fasano of Harvard actually said in the first place, it is only dangerous a) if you are ill already with leaky gut or thyroid b) celiac. So Peter tends to then forget he admitted that. However in a summit about thyroid then gluten will be an issue folks, not just a fad this time.

FDN Camp Out in Force

We’ve got a strong team from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition camp at this summit in Evan Brand, Wendy Myers, Brigit Danner, Reed Davis – these guys are more open in approach, they have a set of principles and let practitioners decide which route they want to practice, a little like FMU in that regard.

    • They often are a lot more practical eg Brigit Danner will say straight up that a coffee enema works better than an expensive $100 bottle of liposomal glutathione in many cases including mold detox!
    • Wendy Myers [she is offering a free registration gift] though I don’t do her precise detox, at least she has always been more cautious in going gently with detox than some of the others who would launch straight into metal detox or provocation challenges – Jay Davidson learned his lesson on that and now does things the way Dr John R Christopher proposed in Master Herbalism [though Jay ‘forgets’ where he got that detox protocol and wonders if it was Ayurvedic, no Jay, it was The School of Natural Healing as you can see here in this old video on youtube, David Christopher was talking about that precise detox protocol 20-30 years ago here, and Jay Davidson said it is the key to his whole practice now

David Christopher now in his 60s a whitehaired man, finally got invited to talk at a summit last week – the Immune Defense summit with Jonathan Landsman, who invited him to his last immune summit too. What surprises me is that David isn’t at all the summits because the doctorpreneurs and speakers are using his protocols and the supplement companies are basing their products on David’s dad’s work, Dr John R Christopher – and every time a new scientific study proves something they are just catching up with what was being used successfully all along! And inexpensively! Though anyone on meds will benefit from the extra tools and specificity functional medicine offers within integrative medicine and in an ideal world functional lab testing should make any protocol more specific, including herbal and naturopathic particularly for difficult cases.

  • Evan Brand started with FDN, I find having come up the natural route that it isn’t necessary to ‘test’ all the time, and he agreed with me in a comment last year at a summit where he spoke that it’s best to rather clean stuff up and then see what’s left to do with testing – let’s remember most people can’t afford testing.
  • Reed Davis offers tuition in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition FDN for patients and practitioners, giving access to testing for those who can’t access doctors.

Hormones getting a whacking at this summit

There’s at least two talks on hormones, but bio-identical hormones are not the only route to go within functional medicine, that is a misconception. There is another more natural route expounded by Ronda Nelson within Functional Medicine University which shows with all the functional lab tests that herbs, specifically the Master Herbalist tradition of Dr Christopher of The School of Natural Healing, work to restore the body’s own production of hormones by fixing things downstream, the causes of the hormone deficiencies. However Nelson favors an Australian company for her herbs  -personally I used Wholistic Botanicals wildcrafted herbs in the Christopher Original Brands from the USA, that means you do have a choice. However only Functional Medicine University are offering you the education on BOTH routes, the bioidenticals AND the herbs, so you can choose. And I hear practitioners are getting better results with the herbs. Though of course some people will not want herbs for various reasons so all options available to you.

So you can see that whereas a summit will present some information to you, it will be narrow compared to a real education and you may run with one particular speaker’s belief when that speaker may not yet have the whole picture themselves, that’s the thing about online marketing and positioning, know what you have here.

The Thyroid Reset Summit will still take things further than your conventional doctor, though as practitioners a full education with Functional Medicine University or The School of Natural Healing will serve you better.


March 4, 2019
March 10, 2019




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