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Toxic Home Transformation

June 25, 2018 - July 1, 2018

Toxic Home Transformation

A home can be sick and if it is sick it can also make you sick and keep you sick too. This summit offers a wide range of experience and expertise providing simple steps to take the toxicity out of our homes.

And in an age when the fragrance industry has infiltrated all aspects of life and laundry to bung up the air as soon as cigarettes had been cleared out of it, this summit is not a moment too soon! Even ‘eco giant’ Ecover who used to be synonymous with healthy living has now caved into adding 50% synthetic chemicals and fragrances to their products – how do I know – I had to ask them why the smell was so bad and had left me gasping and wouldn’t wear away!

And it’s not just the obvious things like synthetic chemical fragrances, and mold, and smart meters and dirty electricity, it is subtle hidden things you woudn’t even imagine they’d think of doing to your water, clothes, sheets, furnishings, paint…the list goes on!

And it’s not just the big obvious illnesses like cancer and asthma, the toxic soup can beat us up in all sorts of ways, from fatigue, to brain fog, to thyroid issues, to autoimmune sensitivty issues, and that list goes on!

A restorative, calming health haven = words you’d use or like to use to describe your home?

Well that’s the aim of the summit hosts and speakers, to help you have that. And they will provide all this information streaming for free for the first week, with the option to buy packages if you’d like to access the transcripts and view the talks later.

They will also be providing info on detox, and with Evan Brand as one of the speakers the FDN wing will be represented there, as will many Fmed doctors eg Jill Carnahan, and a lot of other people involved in the health world or health journey. While some of them look very good others to be honest are like the proverbial bad penny that always turn up to every event – and why is that, well likely they belong in the same marketing group!

Speaking of which here is your attendee link register here.

And if you’d like to become an affiliate for this summit sign up here.

*Encore all speakers replay July 7th-8th

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June 25, 2018
July 1, 2018




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