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Toxic Mold Summit

January 28, 2019 - February 3, 2019

The Toxic Mold Summit A lot of familiar faces here, some of the information I’ve heard before for example Brigit Danner has spoken about her journey with mold in the past at the Disaster Recovery summit and it really stuck in my mind that she found coffee enemas better for mold detox than the expensive liposomal glutathione. I know this already from experience but hearing it when so many speakers insist on liposomal!

However, regarding enemas she is speaking from her experience and has her own ideas of how often they should be done, yet it’s original sources like Max Gerson who used them up to 5 times a day with patients who really know how coffee enemas work – so if a modern day speaker or practitioner not well versed in the history of healing or original sources gives you some theory on enemas, you need to ground that in the original therapy and history too – I’ve done thousands of enemas as per Max Gerson’s principles and knowledge.

Detox and Germ Theory?

We have Wendy Myers and Amy Myers coming up as speakers – there is one video I keep showing you on this site as it covers both detox and germ theory and we just can’t get away from it with these speakers because only one summit speaker / doctorpreneur admitted to taking years to finding the correct sequence to detox and the others aren’t there yet, including Wendy. In her favor she is a lot more cautious than Jay and the others used to be, she would never have started someone with a metal detox – the others learned that the hard way with patient and personal casualties. However Wendy’s detox is not the best imo , just perhaps better than some. Some people have reported to me to not have been able to deal with her detox.

Watch David Christopher talk about germ theory and how the body really heals in this decades old video.

On that note, there’s also a video going back many decades where Dr. John R. Christopher founder of the School of Natural Healing says doctors and chiropractors are beginning to attend his lectures! How times have changed when the doctors talk like they invented root cause approahes!

And Amy Myers who moved house 9 times because of even a potential sniff of mould – these speakers remind me of germ theory, yes things are toxic but when we are strong we can deal with them. I have been living with extreme black mold, and other types for over 10 years and yes I did keel over but I’m doing better than the doctors and speakers now without the fancy stuff – yes I’d like to do better than I’m doing, but I know they wouldn’t survive here in Ireland, and that worries me as to how effective their solutions are ultimately.

There’s at least one building biologist in the speaker lineup, prevention and awareness are certainly key positive things to increase in society. However paranoia and confusion we can do without. At the close of last year we had Dave Asprey say it’s the inhaled mold does the damage not the ingested mold, but then he spent the entire hour talking about how to avoid ingesting mold and his mold free coffee?? But he’d just told us ingestion wasn’t such an issue…hm

So this summit will be a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly…it is a conversation within the health niche albeit dominated by positioned marketers who sometimes invite true experts and sometimes don’t, but merely those in the same mastermind group. For the moment the information disseminated at events like this is what your clients will be coming into you with – so you can take a look and get ahead of the game. There often is something worthwhile to learn too.


Check out the Toxic Mold Summit here.




January 28, 2019
February 3, 2019



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